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Aria Pro II SB unknown

Aria Pro II original model: PROTO TYPE LINE in 197...

  • 05-326733704

Aria Pro II Cardinal Series...

CsB-450 of Aria Pro 2 is in stock in used.
The ...

  • 20-326627904

Aria Pro II IGB STD See Thr...

The entry model of the popular ARIA.
IGB series...

  • 12-326731804
out of stock

Aria Pro II RSB 42AR See thr...

It is an active model equipped with ash body, mapl...

  • 11-326752604
out of stock

Aria Pro II SB 1000CB Black

It is a super base "SB-1000CB" of Aria Pro 2.

  • 20-326756604
out of stock

Aria Pro II 2 SB R60 Natural

This machine has a high originality body style tha...

  • 20-326619804
out of stock

Aria Pro II Wedge Bass

The compact wedge Bass was released in the 1980s.<...

  • 20-326666704

ARIA Pro II Wedge Bass 1PU R...

Compact and unique body shape Aria Pro II "Wedge B...

  • 01-326552404