About Us

Corporate Name:
Ishibashi Music Corporation
Date of Foundation:
June, 1979
Inauguration of Business:
June, 1938
Capital Fund:
74 million JPY(approximately 660 Thousand USD/May, 2016)
President (CEO):
Katsunori Igarashi
Employee number:
446 (August 2016)
Sales Amount:
11,584 million JPY (approximately 104 million USD/May, 2016)

Business Content:

  1. Retail sales of musical instruments and music related products
    Electric and acoustic guitars, Drum Kits, Synthesizers, Digital Pianos, Wind and Brass instruments, DJ gears, Professional Audio equipments, Recordings, Sound booths, Software, Music scores, books, Manuals and many other items related to music!
  2. Merchandise development of private brand products
    (Development plan, manufacturing, wholesale trade and retail sales of new instruments or related products)
  3. Online Sales (Mail-order)
  4. Operation of (Yamaha) Music Schools
  5. Retail sales of second hand (used) instruments
  6. Imports of musical instruments and related products
    (Imports of overseas brand musical instruments and related products, Purchasing vintage and second hand instruments at a particular location, Developmental Import of private brand instruments from oversea subcontract factories)

Ishibashi Music Corp is an exclusive agent/importer and seller of the following overseas brand…

[Exclusive Agent]

ADM SARL[Dupont Guitar](France)
Australian Native Musical Instruments P/L [Cole Clark](Australia)
Benado Effects(USA)
Conklin Guitars & Basses(USA)
DHP Corp.[Black Smith Strings] (Koria)
Fender Music Company Japan[EVH](Japan)
Galli Musical Strings (Italy)
Hiwatt Amplication Ltd(U.K)
Kenneth Lawrence Guitars(USA)
Knaggs Guitars(USA)
Mooradian Case(USA)
Public Peace Music Productions[Maruszczyk/Mensinger](Germany)
Status Graphite(UK) 
Swiff Technology Co,. Ltd (China)
The British Pedal Company (U.K)
U. S. Music Corp[Washburn](USA)
Vibrato (Thailand)

Partner Companies

Yamaha Corporation

Roland Corporation

Yamano Music Co., Ltd

Gibson Guitar Corporation Japan

Kanda Shokai Corporation


Banking Relationship

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ


Chiba Bank

Tokyo Tomin Bank

Store Location

Please refer to the following web page for more information.

Corporate History

1938 June Ishibashi begin operation as a small shop handling musical instruments in Suruga-dai, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku.
1950 Ishibashi changes its name as “Ishibashi Music”
1953 January With a capital fund of 300 thousand yen, “Ishibashi Music S/A” is established.
1973 March With a capital 10 million yen, “Ishibashi Music S/A” reorganize as “Ishibashi Music Corporation.”
April “Rock Side” opens in Ochanomizu. Tokyo, which is specialized in digital musical instruments.
1976 April “Shibuya” branch opens in Shibuya Koen St.
1979 February “Keyboard Mart” branch opens in Ochanomizu
1981 February “Shinjuku” branch opens near Isetan Department Building in Shinjuku St.
1983 June Add capital stock to 40 million yen.
1986 April “Ikebukuro” branch opens in Ikebukuro Sunshine Street.
1988 January “Yokohama” branch opens in Kanagawa prefecture.
June Add capital stock to 1 hundred million yen.
1989 November “Shinsaibashi” branch opens in Osaka prefecture.
1991 October “Shinsaibashi” branch re-opens in Shinsaibashi Parco department building.
1994 March “Ikebukuro” branch re-opens in Ikebukuro P’Parco department building.
1995 July “Shibuya” branch re-opens in Capri Building.
1996 September Ishibashi Web Shop opens.
1997 December “Kawagoe” branch opens in Saitama prefecture.
1998 October “Tsudanuma” branch opens in Chiba prefecture.
1999 March “Machida” branch opens in Machida City, Tokyo.
2000 April Add capital fund to 125 million yen.
October “Kobe Sannomiya” branch opens in Hyogo prefecture.
November “Nagoya Sakae” branch opens in Aichi prefecture.
2001 November “Ochanomizu Book Side” branch reopens and “*1 Kaitori Center” opens in Ochanomizu.
*1 Kaitori Center: A place where we buy used (second hand) instruments from our customers.
2003 June “Yokohama” branch reopens with floor space expanded.
2004 November “Shibuya” branch reopens in Shibuya BEAM building with floor space expanded.
2005 April “Nagoya Sakae” branch reopens in Skyle department store building. “Lesson” (A Music School for Grown-ups) begin a series of musical instrument lessons.
October “Umeda” branch opens in Nu Chayamachi department building of Osaka.
2007 March “Kawagoe” branch opens inside Kawagoe Modi department store building with floor space expanded. “Lesson” begins series of musical instrument lessons for grown-ups at the same time.
September “Tachikawa” branch opens in Tokyo.
October “Machida” branch reopens inside Machida Jorna department store building.
2008 May "Ikebukuro" branch reopens on the 7th floor of P'PARCO department building.
2009 August All stores in the Ochanomizu area reopens.
October "Shibuya WEST" (Drums/Used Wind and Brass musical instrument shop) opens on the 2nd floor of ASSORTI building.
2010 March "Fukuoka-parco" branch opens in Fukuoka.
2011 April Shinsaibashi branch reopens in America-mura.
October Umeda branch reopens.
December In Shanghai (China), founded subsidiary of the 100% owned, the Shanghai Ishibashi Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.
2012 April Shanghai branch opens in China.
2014 Sep. All stores in the Ochanomizu area reopens.And "Ochanomizu Drum-Kan" branch opens
2015 Aug. Yokohama branch reopens on the 2nd,3rd floor of Soutetsu Minami Saiwai 7th building.
December "Music-Cash Omiya" branch opens in Omiya,Saitama."Music-Cash" is a coined word of the meaning the musical instrument store which changes a musical instrument to money.
2016 Feb. Tsudanuma branch as "Music-Cash City Tsudanuma" reopens
Jun. Machida branch as "Music-Cash Machida" reopens on the 6th floor of RINS ONE building.
Sep. "Music-Cash Sapporo" branch opens in Sapporo,Hokkaido
Dec. "Music-Cash Sendai" branch opens in Sendai,Miyagi
2017 May. "SHIBUYA EAST" branch opens in Shibuya,Tokyo
Jul. All stores in the Ochanomizu area reopens.And "Ochanomizu Honten South" branch reopens
2018 Jun. "FINEST GUITARS" branch opens in Ochanomizu,Tokyo
Apl. "HARVEST GUITARS" branch opens in Ochanomizu,Tokyo